I am a digital entrepreneur, Ecommerce Seller, and Blog creator and for years now, I’ve been reading the best business books out there, watching youtube experts, listening to podcasts and so on.

I am a curious person by nature and I’ve always been fascinated by many things, from economy to quantum physics, I love learning.

But making money online is my passion, and I'm always looking for new ways to do so.

I remember when I was young that one of the best superpower I could think of was to immediately learn the skills of any expert by simply shaking their hand. You can imagine that the scene from Matrix where Neo learns Kung fu in a few seconds was a revelation to me!

Today, in the digital business world, we have experts everywhere SEO, Email, Copywriting, Ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing, but usually the ones that are the best either don’t share their knowledge because they don’t want to, because they haven’t even thought about it, or because they want to sell it.

This is why I’ve started contacting these experts, slowly convincing them to be interviewed and to answer my many questions, extracting the secret sauce from them:

- How they became so knowledgeable
- Where do they come from in life?
- What are their best tips and advice?
- What is their secret to success?

These are the secrets nobody ever wants to give away, and this is my quest for you and for me:

To download the knowledge of experts and share it with as many people as possible!
I am combining what I've learned into deep resourceful blog posts, I hope you'll want to bookmark them and keep coming back to them every time you need help.

Your emails are always welcome, if you want to ask specific questions, or learn from a topic in particular in the money-making niche, don't hesitate to reach out.

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