Best 11 Email Marketing Experts On Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro email marketing experts

Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing strategies you can use to promote your business.

Email marketing helps you generate leads and convert them into paying customers, inform existing customers about new products and product updates, and it generates a higher rate of return on your investment than other digital marketing strategies.

Research by Emailmonday shows that for every $1 spent on email marketing, it generates $38 in income for a business. Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your customer base.

However, you have a business to run, and as a small business owner, you already juggle multiple roles and it will be difficult to carve out the time to plan and manage an email marketing campaign.

This is where a freelance email marketing expert comes in. A freelance email marketing expert will listen to your needs and help you build an automated email campaign that will grow your business while you focus your time and energy on other areas that demand your attention.

The trouble is that you need to find the right email marketing expert who has the right skill set and proven experience to build the best email marketing campaign to take your business to the next level.

Fortunately, you can find the best email marketers on Fiverr pro. Fiverr Pro comprises the most skilled email marketers on the Fiverr platform, and only 1% of applicants ever scale through the rigorous application process.

In this article, we will show you the top eleven most acknowledged email marketing experts on Fiverr.

Who Are The Top Eleven Email Marketing Experts On Fiverr Pro?

The experts on this list range from established Fiverr veterans with hundreds of reviews to newcomers that have less than ten reviews. The primary reason for this is because Fiverr Pro was just launched in 2017, and every gig offered on Fiverr Pro must be a new gig.

Established freelance email marketers are not allowed to convert their existing standard Fiverr gigs to Fiverr Pro gigs. This means they are unable to transfer all the reviews they had accumulated on their standard gigs to their new Fiverr Pro email marketing gigs.

In this list, we will only include experts that are Fiverr Pro verified as email marketing experts, and we will rank them according to their proven digital marketing skills and the number of reviews they have accumulated on Fiverr pro.

Below are the 11 most prolific email marketing experts on Fiverr pro.

1. Nevlin18 (273 reviews)

Nevlin18 is a top-rated British email marketing expert who is ranked top ten on Fiverr. Nevlin18 has been a freelancer on Fiverr since April 2018. Within that period, he has accumulated 273 reviews – the vast majority of which are five-star reviews.

He is Fiverr Pro verified as an expert email marketer and happy clients praise the speed and quality of his work. Many of them are clients that have worked with him multiple times.

Nevlin18’s top-ranked email marketing gig on the Fiverr Pro feed is his “I will design a Klaviyo template” gig. The gig is priced at $120 for a basic template built with Klaviyo and can go up to $280 for a custom template with over five blocks.

2. Neidertmike (239 reviews)

Neidertmike is also a top-rated expert with Pro verification in all forms of content writing, including the creation of email copy. If you need an email marketing expert with years of professional experience in advertising and sales, he is your guy.

Neidertmike is an American who works from Montenegro in the Balkans. His clients come from all over the world including the US, Britain, Brazil, Australia, Italy, and others. Client reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Clients call him an extraordinary wordsmith and praise his communication skills.

He has 10 gigs on Fiverr, and roughly half of them are related to email marketing. His top-ranking gig is his “I will create an email sales funnel for you” gig.

3. Miamimarketer (198 reviews)

Miamimarketer is a US Marine veteran with a range of impressive digital marketing skills. He has been on Fiverr since January 2018 and he is Fiverr Pro verified as a social media marketing expert, a content marketing expert, a marketing strategy expert, a web developer, a social media advertising expert, and an expert email marketer.

Miamimarketer is top-rated on Fiverr and he is a proud owner of five golden stars. His clients seem to enjoy working with him, with the common trend being that they had a great experience working with him.

His top-ranked gig as an email marketer is his “I will build an email marketing strategy” gig.

4. Stoyanvlahovski (58 reviews)

Stoyanvlahovski is from Bulgaria and living in Germany and he has been freelancing on the Fiverr platform since July 2016, making him a Fiverr veteran. He has provided us with little personal information on his profile, but we know he holds certifications in Advanced English, Google Analytics, Instagram marketing, and LinkedIn marketing.

He is a level two seller, but he is Fiverr Pro verified as an expert marketing strategist and as an email marketing expert.

He may be Bulgarian, but it is clear he has a firm grasp of English since many of his customers are from the United States. He has a ton of five-star reviews and clients note his breadth of knowledge and his communication skills.

His top ranking gig on Fiverr Pro is his “I will create a Klaviyo eCommerce email marketing strategy” gig. The gig is priced at $100 with guaranteed five-day delivery. He also added a new and complimentary gig to directly create a Klaviyo email flow for even more convenience.

5. Emailpros (34 reviews)

Emailpros is the first female email marketing expert on our list, and she claims to treat email marketing as a balance of art and science. She joined Fiverr in September 2018, and she is Pro Verified in marketing strategy and as an email marketing expert.

Kasey as she is called by one of her happy clients appears to be courteous, insightful, and quick at responding to client messages.

A trend seems to appear among our top email marketing experts and Emailpros’ top-ranking gig is her “I will set up Klaviyo eCommerce emails” gig.

6. Peterbrobeck (24 reviews)

Peterbrobeck is an email marketing expert who runs his business from deep in the jungles of Thailand. Believe me, those are his words. He joined Fiverr March 2018 and his focus is on cold email marketing.

He is Pro certified as an expert email marketer and customers praise his communication skills and the overall positive experience they got when working with him.

Peterbrobeck’s focus is on cold email marketing and it makes sense that his top-ranked gig is his “I am your cold email marketing consultant” gig.

7. Teamfairhead (22 reviews)

Teamfairhead is classified as a level one seller on Fiverr. However, he is Pro verified in six different niches of expertise. This includes social media advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, web analytics, and marketing strategy.

He loves adding videos to his gigs, and his clients seem to love them. Happy clients praise his excellent communication skills and his well-thought-out work process.

Teamfairhead’s top-ranking gig is his “I will improve customer engagement with email marketing” gig.

8. Effectivosocial (21 reviews)

Effectivosocial is unlike the other experts on our list since the profile belongs to a Miami-based digital marketing company. The profile is controlled by Jeff, and he is Pro verified as an SEO expert, market strategy expert, and as an email marketing expert.

Happy customers praise the fact that Jeff takes the time to first learn about their companies before coming up with a custom solution that their company actually needs.

Effectivosocial own six different Pro verified gigs on Fiverr, but their top-ranked gig is their “I help set up an automated Mailchimp campaign” gig.

9. Mlapides (15 reviews)

The remaining Fiverr Pro email marketing experts on our list all have less than 15 reviews. Mlapides joined Fiverr February 2020 and according to his profile, he has over 20 years of experience as a digital marketing expert.

He is Pro verified as an expert business plan writer and as an expert email marketer. Customers praise his professionalism and the level of attention to detail in his work.

Mlapides has five gigs on Fiverr and just two of them are related to email marketing. His top-ranked email marketing gig is his “I will help grow your business with email marketing” gig.

10. Technicalsabu (6 reviews)

Technicalsabu is an email marketing expert from Pakistan and he has been freelancing on Fiverr since July 2017. As at the time of writing this article, he made his most recent delivery within the last eight hours. That shows his mere six reviews are not a reflection of how active he is on the platform.

He is Pro verified as an email marketing expert and five of the few clients that gave him reviews are from the United States. They praised his availability at all hours and the quality of his work.

All of his five gigs on Fiverr are email marketing gigs and his top-ranked gig is his “I will do Shopify Mailchimp integration” gig.

11. Mailninja (2 reviews)

MaIlninja from the United Kingdom concludes our experts’ top list. The profile belongs to an email marketing agency based in the UK and it’s staffed by nine specialists. They are Pro verified as email marketing experts and they joined Fiverr in May 2016.

They’re also Mailchimp certified and their two customers that gave reviews seem to agree that Mailninja is awesome.

Mailninja has two email marketing gigs on Fiverr and their top-ranking gig is their “I will review your email marketing and provide a strategy session” gig.