Category: Statistics

Content Marketing - Nearly 40% Of Marketers Say Content Marketing Is Very Important
Blogging - 67% Of Companies Use Organic Traffic To Measure Content Success
Blogging - Companies Spend 46% Of Their Budget On Content Creation
Blogging - 32% Of Respondents Always Checked The Analytics Of Their Blogs
Optimization - Only 17% Of Marketers Use Landing Page A/B Tests To Improve Conversion Rates
Mobile - 44% Of Respondents Worry About Protection Of Their Personal Data
Mobile - 58% Of Smartphone Users Feel Favorable With Apps Who Remember Who They Are
Mobile - 75% Of Smartphone Users Expect To Get Immediate Information In Smartphone
Mobile - As of February 2020, Google Chrome is Number One Mobile Internet Browser
Mobile - As Of 2020, There Are 3.5 Billion Smartphone Users Worldwide