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YouTube - Watch-time For YouTube Videos On Which Product To Buy
Content Marketing - 72% Of Marketers Think That Branded Content Is More Effective
Content Marketing - 69% Of Marketers Say Content Is Superior To Direct Mail And PR
Blogging - Up To 81% Of Marketers Plan To Increase Their Use Of Original Content
Blogging - Marketers Who Prioritize Blogging Are 13x More Likely To Achieve A Positive ROI
Blogging - Companies That Have A Blog Get 55% More Web Traffic
Blogging - Companies That Blog Receive 97% More Links To Their Website
Blogging - The Top 3 Content Marketing Tactics Are Blogging (53%), Social Media (64%) And Case Studies (64%)
Blogging - 57% Of Businesses Have Acquired A Customer Through Their Company Blog
Content Marketing - The Cost Of Content Marketing Is 62% Less Than Traditional Methods