Email Marketing Expert Secrets (Stoyan Vlahovski): Klaviyo Maestro

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Hi Stoyan, could you describe quickly what makes you an expert in email marketing?

  • Featured in Small Business Bonfire, StartupTV, GrowthBug, Hacker Noon, LAMA App, Community1x1

  • Helped people collect 50,000 + targeted leads through viral marketing

  • "Getting more Traffic, Leads, Sales. Exponentially"

  • Got into the digital marketing space even before I finished high school

  • Worked with clients in 20+ Industries (from brand new startups to 7-figure companies) - just to clarify my current focus is on the e-commerce space

Why do you think it’s so crucial to know email marketing today?

You’ve probably heard the 80/20 principle countless times – 80% of X comes from 20% of Y. Well, that’s often the case with customers and repeat customers. It often happens that 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of the customer.

Think of Amazon. They don’t profit because you bought something from them once. They profit because you go back over and over again. Email marketing is the best way to build a lost-lasting relationship with your audience and to convert first time buyers into raving fans. What’s more, email marketing is the only channel

you have full control over. If tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg decides to make a change to the Facebook algorithm, your ads may stop working. Google can shut down your YouTube channel and the list goes on and on. However, no one can touch your email list. It’s yours and you have full control. You can always send people an email and you don’t have to pay every single time you do so (in contrast to ads).

What is Klaviyo and what do you do with it ?

Klaviyo is simply the best ecommerce email marketing platform. It was built from Day 1 with e-commerce stores in mind and helps you leverage all the data you have. That’s not the case with the more popular ESPs like Mailchimp which were build for the general person/company. With Klaviyo you have access to functions other platforms can only dream of.

What tools do you use for your work? (website host, email responder, software, tools)

Siteground (hosting), Klaviyo (for e-commerce), Mailerlite (for everything different than e-commerce), YouCanBookMe and Calendly (for booking calls).

What are the biggest tips you can give to beginners?

Hmm, that’s a tough question. There are two main tips I can give. If you ignore them and do everything else right, you still might fail. If you follow these two tips and don’t do everything else perfectly, you are still likely to succeed.

Tip #1: Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and get a mentor/ consultant/ expert to help you.

Too many people just think they can figure it out themselves and spend months, if not years, going through different articles and trying to distinguish what works and what not. The truth is there is nothing more valuable than your time. The truth is even if you consume all the information in the world, you are still going to be confused about what to do next. I’m speaking from personal experience.

If you are starting out in email marketing and have a specific goal, find someone who has achieved that goal and pay them to help you. You will avoid so many costly mistakes and will always know what your next step should be.

Tip #2: Master the foundations

Regardless of your situation, whether you want to become an email marketing expert or you want to leverage email marketing for your own company, learn the most important metrics in email marketing. When you send out an email, you should know what the average open rate should be. If your email had an above-average open rate, you can pat yourself on the shoulder. If not, you should analyze why and write down ideas on how to improve it in the future.

In general, the two most important metrics in email marketing are:

  • A.

    Open rate

  • B.

    Click rate

If you are a company, make sure you check the benchmarks for your specific industry.

What expert secrets have you discovered along the way that you can share with us?

Email marketing is about sending the right email to the right person at the right time. If you plan to blast a single email to everyone without considering their stage in the buyer’s journey, you won’t get far (especially if you are in the e-commerce space). You should communicate in one way with new subscribers and in a totally different way with your VIP customers.

Personalization makes all the difference. Some people think they can simply use a template and get outstanding results right away. Well, that’s usually not the case. The best results come when you have a custom written copy and outstanding design (specific to your brand).

What is your secret weapon/specialty that you do better than all your competitors?

Secret weapon? -> Consistently overdelivering on promises made. All clients get a custom solution based on their situation. There is no one size fits all package that my team and I sell. The copy is written by a native speaker and is specifically based on the products you sell and your industry. It makes people open your emails over and over again. The design is custom made and represents your brand identity.

What are the biggest false beliefs people have about email marketing and why are they false

The biggest false belief is that email marketing doesn’t work. I understand why some people think that. There are those who have been misled by a ‘guru’ trying to sell them their latest course. Others have heard how a friend of theirs complains email marketing didn’t work for them.

Let’s be real. All that matters are the facts. Everything else is just a personal opinion.

Here are some stats:

  • 1.

    Average expected ROI is $42 per every $1 you spend on email marketing. (DMA, 2019)

  • 2.

    Roughly 1 in 3 retail email subscribers in the US have made a purchase. (eMarketer, 2016)

  • 3.

    It costs next to nothing to reach your audience and get repeat sales.

Email marketing will be your number #1 marketing channel (if done in the right way) and at worst a top 3 marketing channel.

Is there a mentor (or colleague that you admire), a book, or a course that you would recommend to our readers?

If it’s related to email marketing, I could definitely recommend checking Klaviyo’s YouTube Channel – “Klaviyo Academy”. It has so much useful information, it’s unreal.

Where can people find you? (blog - course - article)

The best place to reach me is LinkedIn

Another option is the website of my agency:

Where can they purchase your services?

If you are interested in working together, the best way to get in touch with me would be to go to and to book a timeslot for a free call. Then we can discuss your individual situation and find the best solution for you. If for some reason I cannot help you, I will point you in the right direction.

If you prefer to communicate over text, then you can simply go to and submit your question through the form at the bottom of the page. I reply to all emails.