8 Lead Nurturing Statistics You Need To Know In 2021

20-40% Of Webinar Attendees Become Leads

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1. 20-40% Of Webinar Attendees Become Leads

20-40% of webinar attendees become leads

2. 40-70%+ Of Businesses Qualified Leads Aren’t Yet Ready To Buy

40-70%+ of businesses qualified leads aren’t yet ready to buy

3. 45% Of Businesses Send Their Leads One Email Per Week

 45% of businesses send their leads one email per week

4. 63% Of Marketers Say Their Biggest Content Challenge Is Driving Traffic And Generating Leads

63% of marketers say their biggest content challenge is driving traffic and generating leads

5. 66% Of people Say That Email Nurturing Was The Best Way To Reengage Leads

66% of people says that email nurturing was the best way to reengage leads

6. 80% Of New Leads Never Translate Into Sales

80% of new leads never translate into sales

7. Companies That Excel At Lead Nurturing Generate 50% More Sales

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales

8. More Than 35% Of B2B Marketers Surveyed Have Established A Lead Nurturing Strategy

More than 35% of B2B marketers surveyed have established a lead nurturing strategy

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