How to Become an Influencer While Working a Day Job (Kori Cicchini)

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You combine having a job as a social media/influencer manager with the fact that you’re also an influencer, do you feel this situation helps you get better at each one?

I would say it definitely helps being a influencer myself because I’m able to see how companies I partner with do paid partnerships or collabs with an influencer that’s my size (15K).


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You’re quite big on TikTok and IG. Where did it all begin?

I had started my fitness Instagram back in Fall of 2015 as a part of a fitness challenge I was doing. All of the other girls in the challenge created one too and we followed each other to see our progress. This was very motivating and helpful. Overtime, I began posting my workouts and gaining interest from others. It was and still is mostly a hobby I like to share with others! With that, I started TikTok early before it was super popular, and with the help of one of my videos blowing up I gained 70K followers.

How do you tailor content for those channels? Do you think the audiences are different?

The audiences are definitely different on Tiktok and Instagram. Instagram people are more invested in your life and what you’re up to, Tiktok people are looking for short humorous or entertaining videos. I like to get creative with both and not be too strict on it. Being a Social Media Manager for other companies that takes strategy, I like to just have fun with my personal
social media.

Why do you think the content you create for you and your clients is successful? What would your tips be for making great social media content?

My biggest tip is try not to force anything. I see lots of people in my industry showing how to create one month of content in one less than an hour. While that is efficient, it’s not necessarily impactful content being created. It depends on each industry, but I like to collaborate with others in the company and understand what they’re looking to get out of their social media and go from there.


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Have you personally worked with any brands before? And if so how was your experience?

Yes, I have on a much smaller scale than other influencers. I always have the best experience working with brands when they are consistent and do little things to show they care, rather than just getting something out of you.

What has been your most exciting moment as an influencer till date?

I’ve met so many of my good friends off of social media. I believe it’s because of sharing my interests and other people in my area want to be a part of it! It’s been such a blessing getting to know others from social media and even meeting some of them! I truly don’t know where I’d be without it.

What are some of your long term goals as an influencer? as a social media manager?

Long term goals as an influencer is to mix up my content with marketing and fitness. I think it would be useful to others and not be boring fitness contact all the time. As a social media manager, I want to hire an intern one day and teach them everything I’ve learned and guide them through what it takes to be in this industry!


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What would you say is the hardest part of this job?

Creativity, it takes more time to come up with a great post idea than it is to actually create and post the content!

What kind of advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs or social media influencers?

Network! I’ve landed all my big jobs and clients by networking. Be interested in what others in your industry are doing. Find people local to you who do the same thing as you and what they’re up to. You never know when they might find an opportunity and they can’t take on the role!

Do you have a role model, someone you look up to?

Not one person in particular, but just all the other women who are entrepreneurs and have found a way to make it their career. It’s not easy, and takes a lot of determination. The main reason I look up to everyone who does this is seeing their tips and how they got to where they are. Because 10 times out of 10 it’s different from what I’ve done and it’s interesting to hear others thoughts and stories.

Thank you very much for your time! 🙂

What about you guys? Have you tried becoming an influencer? Tell us in the comments below