10 Best Social Media Marketing Experts

best social media experts

Source: Alec Pow

Social media marketing experts is crucial: according to Oberlo, there are over 3.5billion daily active users of social media and they spend an average of 3 hours a day on their favorite platforms.

 Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others let you post relevant content and communicate regularly with your customers. These platforms help you develop a closer relationship with existing customers and connect with new ones. 

The content you publish can also establish you as a reliable resource for useful content and build awareness about your brand.

To successfully promote your business on social media, you need to engage with your followers by consistently posting content that is useful and relevant to your customers.

This reinforces the importance of a social media marketing strategy. A good strategy will help you create the right content that will attract your target customers to your brand. Your strategy will also shape your advertising efforts on social media.

However, you already wear multiple hats as a small business owner. With so much to do, adding the additional roles of social media marketing campaign manager and content creator for your social media accounts can become overwhelming.

This is where a freelance social media marketing expert comes in. An expert will bring skills and years of experience to the table and help you develop and implement a successful social media marketing strategy.

Of course, to make all that happen, you need to hire the right social media marketing experts.

Fortunately, we have Fiverr pro. Fiverr Pro is a freelance marketplace that is composed of elite professionals whose skills and experience have been vetted by Fiverr. Only experts that can prove they have years of experience get Fiverr Pro Verified.

This guarantees that the social media marketing experts you will find on Fiverr Pro are of the highest quality.

Who Are The Top Social Media Marketing Experts On Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro’s social media experts are seasoned professionals and are part of the most talented 1% of professional freelancers on the Fiverr platform.

Some experts are focused on creating ads, some consult on social media strategy, and others are master wordsmiths that know how to write for a social media audience. Many of these experts focus on one or two social media platforms.

To hire the right experts, you need to identify the social platform patronized by your customers. Then recruit the right mix of experts that will be a good fit for your audience and your goals for your business.

We have identified 10 of the best experts on Fiverr Pro and ranked them according to the number of reviews they have accumulated and the breadth of their skillset. Also, to make it easy for you to choose the right experts, we have highlighted the area of specialty of each individual on this list.

Below are the 10 top social media marketing experts on Fiverr:

1. Vasily17 (1000+ reviews) - Instagram Marketing Expert

Vasily17 is a social media marketing expert focused on Instagram marketing and the creation of cinematic videos. Vasily is from Russia, but he is based in the United States. He consults on Fiverr and he can help you develop a clear plan of action to build a stronger presence on Instagram and increase your sales on the platform.

Vasily has worked with over 11,000 clients, and he can also help you create Instagram story ads. He has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Fiverr Pro and an average response time of four hours.

What do you get from working with Vasily17?

  • Professionalism and open lines of communication

  • Increase in audience engagement with your brand

  • A strategy that will help you successfully promote your business on Instagram

2. Everyvowel (482 reviews) - Viral Content Expert

The man behind Everyvowel is Jon Youshaei. He has a really impressive resume and has been ranked by Inc Magazine and Forbes Magazine as one of the top 25 marketers in the United States. Jon is a wordsmith and he will help you craft the perfect story for your brand.

Jon consults on Fiverr and helps clients develop the content strategy for their social media presence. Jon is also a master of the art of creating viral content. Jon has racked up 5-star reviews from practically every client he has worked with.

What do you get from working with Everyvowel?

  • You get the expertise of a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 in marketing and advertising in 2019

  • You get an expert that will take the time to review your company and develop custom strategies suitable for the peculiar needs of your business

  • Insights and strategies on how to make your content go viral on social media

3. Cubellc (458 reviews) - Facebook Ads Expert

Cubellc is Chase Geiser – a graduate of Belmont University, United States. Chase is a master of Facebook Advertising, and he currently manages millions in ad spend for his clients. Chase will help you create your Facebook Ads campaign and provide all the copy and graphic design you need for your ads.

Chase also has Pro verified gigs on Fiverr to help clients create LinkedIn content, create Instagram ads, and run social media ad campaigns. He has successfully created hundreds of Facebook Ad campaigns for clients on Fiverr, and the vast majority of his clients express utmost satisfaction with his work.

What you get from working with Cubellc:

  • Professionalism and well-rounded advertisements

  • Multiple ad variations and optimization of your existing ad campaigns

  • Increase in sales for your business

4. Heavisidegroup (474 reviews) - Facebook Ads Expert

Heavisidegroup are a digital marketing and web design agency with up to a decade of experience. The agency has three internal groups but is its digital marketing services group that interests us. They specialize in Facebook ads management and they will help you build your Facebook Ads campaign.

Heavisidegroup are dedicated to offering world-class services to their clients, and the sheer number of five-star reviews they have is proof of that.

What you get from working with Heavisidegroup:

  • A team of consummate professionals to help you build and manage your Facebook Ads campaign

  • Over 7000% return on your Ad spend according to case study samples by the company

  • Over 7000% return on your Ad spend according to case study samples by the company

5. Wild_and_free (290 reviews) - Facebook Marketing Consultants

Rhys and Shana are the husband and wife team that helm Wild_and_free on Fiverr. They are Facebook certified experts and they will consult with you to help you promote your business on Facebook.

They will use highly interactive video consultations to teach you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of Facebook marketing. Rhys and Shana are top-rated on Fiverr with a gold-plated five-star rating. Most customers say working with them is the best experience they have ever had on Fiverr.

What do you get from working with Wild_and_free?

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to set up your Facebook marketing campaign

  • Insights and strategies delivered over an informal and friendly three-hour consultation call

  • They will also help you create your ad campaigns

6. Digitalpartners (241 reviews) - Expert Social Media Account Manager

Digitalpartners is a Pro verified social media marketing expert from Australia. Leah has over 13 years of experience and you will help you manage your social media profiles. If you pay for her monthly standard plan, she will help you create and post quality content to all your social media profiles for 5 days a week and twice on weekends.

She also creates social media graphics and white label social media posts. Customer reviews praise Leah’s excellent communication skills and the quality of her work.

What you get from working with Digitalpartners:

  • Consistent output of quality content to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, and Pinterest profiles.

  • Viral posts that will drive traffic to your business website

  • Promotion of your products and services with content and hashtags

7. Nadyarousseau (162 reviews) - Instagram Marketing Strategy Expert

Nadya Rousseau is the founder of Alter New Media, a digital marketing agency with a global client list. Nadya is an Instagram marketing expert and she will help you develop and implement a winning Instagram marketing strategy.

Nadya also offers a premium plan to provide full Instagram account management for a month. Nadya has been on Fiverr since 2016, and she has racked up five-star reviews from her many satisfied clients.

What will you get from working with Nayrousseau?

  • A knowledgeable professional that will help you develop a detailed Instagram marketing strategy

  • Content curated and created for your unique Instagram audience

  • Full management of your Instagram account

8. Uplancemedia (129 reviews) - Expert Social Media Content Creator

Miriam is a British social media marketing expert who owns Uplance, a digital marketing agency. Uplance takes a customer-oriented approach to help you create content for your social media accounts. Original content that helps to differentiate your business from your competitors.

Miriam and her team of top-rated experts on Fiverr are focused exclusively on creating content for social media platforms. Happy customers praise the quality of their services and the ease with which they can communicate with them.

What do you get from working with Uplance?

  • Quality social posts with keywords and hashtag research

  • Custom videos and graphics

  • Valuable content that converts eager readers into paying customers

9. Sharonthony (48 reviews) - Facebook and Instagram Marketing Expert

Sharonthony is a Pro verified social media marketing expert focused on Facebook and Instagram marketing. She will help you create and manage ads for both platforms. She will also consult with you on Facebook and Instagram marketing, and help you create content for both platforms.

Sharon and her team are an approved Facebook Marketing Partner and they have years of experience creating successful social media campaigns for happy customers. Reviews applaud the team as reliable and easy to work with.

What you get from working with Sharonthony:

  • Your Facebook and Instagram campaigns will be built, managed, and optimized by a team of seasoned professionals

  • Ad variations for your different target audiences

  • 30-day management of your ads campaign

10. Socialrecipe (35 reviews) - Expert Social Media Strategy Consultants

Siren and Cigdem are the duo behind Socialrecipe, and they both have over 15 years of experience. They have worked as marketing experts for big-name brands like CNBC, Mercedes, GQ, and others. They will review your social media presence and help you develop a winning social media strategy.

The team will work with you to define your target audience before creating a tailored action plan to guide your social media marketing efforts. They joined in 2018 and still maintain a full five-star rating.

What you get from working with Socialrecipe:

  • Customized social media strategy that aligns with your business objectives

  • A content calendar to help you schedule your social media posts