How to Create a Powerful Brand Using Videos (Julian Figueroa)

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Hi Julian, could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about what you do?

    • Hey! I’m Julian Figueroa. I’ve been in video production for over 6 years and have been running our branded video and animation agency, Kinetic Cuts, for a little over 2 years Since 2018, we’ve created over 450 videos for 100+ companies, ranging from budding startups and eCommerce brands, to NASDAQ and NYSE listed public companies.

We’ve been active on Fiverr Pro since early 2020, with a focus on creating premium Amazon/Shopify/eCommerce product videos for sellers looking to elevate their brand and show off their product in a unique and professional way.

We’ve done over 100+ videos for eCommerce in total, with most new ones this year coming from Fiverr, all while holding a perfect 5/5 star rating on Fiverr Pro. About 70% of our clients reach out to us within 6 months to create another video!

Why do you think it’s so crucial to invest in Video nowadays?

    • While we live in the golden age of copywriting, and photography + graphic design is more accessible than ever – the truth is that 79% of consumers would much rather watch a video on a brand, product or topic than read about it. As eCommerce begins to dominate overall commerce and how we purchase things – people have begun to feel a bit disconnected from the shopping experience.

It’s hard to see, touch, feel an item when buying online – but video solves all of that by showing what you’re doing in a live setting, and if done well, sparks a whole new sense of imagination and desire in the mind of the viewer when they think about your brand/product.

It’s why 55% of consumers use videos for purchasing decisions – and that number only increases in younger generations.

How did you discover your passion and how did you know this was what you were gonna
be successful with?

    • I’ve always been a filmmaker at heart – creating stop motion animations and skits from the age of 9 with a PSP Camera, and pursuing a degree in Film Production from the University of British Columbia.

When I graduated from University, I had a focus on video editing, and I had two options for a career path – either move to LA and spend years working my way up the ranks as an assistant (non-creative) editor to work on big Hollywood productions, or use my skills as a freelancer and edit all sorts of small productions in film and TV as well as corporate and commercial videography.

I found my passion for creating videos in the commercial world through filming and editing a lot of content with various entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur has a somewhat similar but nonetheless story – having the courage to leave a steady but stagnant job, risking it all to create a brand or product, working 14+ hour days to make their dream happen, and building from a one-man army into a 1-1000 person business.

These stories were incredibly interesting to me as a filmmaker, and being a part of telling them is why I decided to found my business.

What do you think are the keys to your personal success?

    • One of the biggest keys to my success I believe is paying attention to trends and emerging markets. I’ve been a part-time stock trader on the side of creating my business, and that has given me enormous insight into the trend of the economy, global politics, and innovations in technology that are changing the world.

When I started Kinetic Cuts, I knew there had to be something different in the way we approached video – there are far too many videographers and agencies creating content for every market imaginable, and I need to distinguish what made our work special by finding a niche and excelling in it.

The first niches we primarily made videos for were Cryptocurrency and Cannabis – two industries that were booming around the time I started Kinetic Cuts. When you’re in an emerging sector – you have intense competition, and the only way to really compete is by creating videos.

Instead of blindly emailing or calling leads from every which industry around me locally, I focused on companies that I thought were doing incredible work but lacked a video presence to explain themselves to potential customers and investors. I reached out to those companies first, hung onto every word I learned from their founders, and created videos that really helped bring those companies into the limelight in their respective industries.

Since then, we’ve expanded our focus to eCommerce – as Amazon and other sites have only recently full-on embraced video in product listings – and with that newfound demand, we’ve positioned ourselves as a premium, creative offering for brands looking to create product videos with a little edge, humor, and stand-out creativity.

What tools do you use for your work? (design software, tools)

    • We use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for all of our projects – Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Media Encoder and more. We also utilize a lot of online content databases like Motion Array and Storyblocks.

What are the biggest tips you can give to beginner entrepreneurs that are in need of advertising and exposure for their brand?

    • Reach out to a smaller brand, company or creator that you really identify with and offer to create something for free in return for minor promotion. For us – one of our first videos cost 1-2k to create for a growing Youtube channel, and we’ve received dozens of referrals from that business to date – arguably launching us from initial obscurity into a sustainable income stream!.

What is your secret weapon/specialty that you do better than all your competitors?

    • We understand the niches that we specialize content for immensely. We don’t just make videos for eCommerce brands – we’re investors in a few as well as having first-hand experience launching Kickstarter campaigns. We don’t just “awe” over Blockchain – we actually hold 5-10% of a business treasury in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and I even personally create explainer videos on my Youtube channel about it.

It’s one thing to say you specialize in a niche – but another thing to provably back it with your time, attention and capital. Prospects and clients take note of this and it will instantly make you stand out as a professional in an authentic and purpose-driven way.

What are the biggest false beliefs people have about your industry/niche and why are they false?

    • The biggest false belief people have about video is that it’s expensive. It’s only as expensive as your inability to market yourself, your brand or your product.

If you’re selling a 100$ item and you find paying $2000 for a video too expensive – either the salesperson you’ve talked to has not made the case that a video can generate at least 20-40 sales to pay for the cost of the video, OR you don’t actually believe enough in your product yourself to see that creating an advertisement in the most compelling and consumed form of media in the world (video) – would pay for itself quickly.

Video itself is not expensive – not having it in your marketing strategy IS expensive – and once most entrepreneurs realize that, they seek to create as much video content as humanly possible.

Is there a mentor (or colleague that you admire), a book, or a course that you would recommend to our readers?

    • I really enjoyed Sell Like Crazy from Sabri Suby. As a business owner, it’s always tempting to get into the weeds and create the products and services for your clients directly. In order to scale, you NEED to learn to designate, hire and outsource these things. It is much easier to do this then to hire somebody who is going to be a salesperson for your business. If it’s your business – YOU are the best salesperson, and that skill is MUCH harder to teach than creating content.

In terms of other content – if you are focusing on a specific niche – become an expert in it! Find out who is a leader in your industry, read their books, watch their lectures, and study their path to success.

As for colleagues or an entrepreneur I admire – Patrick Byrne, former CEO and founder of is definitely one of them. He was one of the original eCommerce pioneers – launching his online furniture company around the time of Amazon, as well as one of the first major CEOs to endorse and support Bitcoin. He has an amazing life story with so many twists and turns – from stopping criminals on wall street, to battling cancer multiple times, to recently exposing his involvement in the Russia/Comey investigation case.

The thing that strikes me about Patrick Byrne is the extraordinary amount of sacrifice he has made in his life – not only to build his company, but to vigorously defend his ideals and political beliefs – even if it has meant endangering his life and sacrificing any sense of security or normality. He has not once been content to just rest on his laurels in his career.

I made a video essay on him last year that barely scratches the surface.

Where can people find you? (blog - course - article)

    • You can get in touch and see our work at Kinetic Cuts – I also personally create Youtube videos on all things investing and finance related, which you can check out at:

Where can they purchase your services?

    • We offer custom quotes for video and are happy to hop on a 15-minute call and learn more about your business! You can reach out at
    • Alternatively, if you’re looking to create an explainer video or product video, you can purchase directly from us and get a video within 14 days by visiting our Fiverr profile:

Thank you very much for your time! 🙂