Write for Us

To write for us, find out how you could improve or update an article:

  • Add an anecdote or story

  • Add data or statistics with source

  • Perform an SEO audit of an article

  • Write a new chapter/part

  • Add an infographic

  • Add a video

  • Update a broken link

If it’s approved, you’ll get your face at the end of the article as an official expert contributor, with a do-follow link to your favorite social media account.


Once you’re an expert contributor you can become an expert writer,
meaning you’ll be able to write posts under your name with a do-follow
link to your
site or blog if you have one.

What articles do we need?

  • Top/Best X software (design, ecommerce, marketing and so on)

  • Top/Best Onlines course about X on Y (Udemy, Teachable and so on)

  • How to X (do, start, improve, change, upgrade - email, blogging, marketing, ecommerce and so on)

  • Top/Best experts in X on Y (Fiverr, upwork, IG, Youtube and so on)

  • Success Story of X (blogger, influencer, youtuber, ecommerce seller and so on)

What is the purpose of all of this?

To have a database of expertise that is continually evolving, and a database
of experts that are selected and recognized by their peers.